Connoisseurs of fashion and design know all too well that what once was old will someday be new again. Never has that been truer than with cornices for window treatments.

Once relegated to stately homes and manors and moneyed people, they eventually went by the wayside as people tightening their belts stuck whatever they could afford on the window that simply blocked some light as well as the prying eyes of nosy neighbors.

However, cornices have made a comeback in a big way of late. From people with a traditional décor sense to people ahead of the design curve with more modern taste, there are now cornices to be found for every budget and style. They are the ultimate finishing touch to any room and tell visitors that their host has an acute sense of detail.

Hotels have long used them along with drapery to help achieve that cave-like darkness that travelers so enjoy in strange cities so that no amount of light disturbs their much-needed sleep. But now homeowners are once again using them to adorn their home not only for functional reasons like preventing light seepage and ensuring additional insulation, but to make a statement that they have left nothing to chance in their decorating process.

A cornice is a finishing touch and a reflection of a homeowner that what was once en vogue is now also back in style as well as functional. There’s no better way to stay current with the times by reaching back and recycling.


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