Sometimes it feels as if there’s nothing worse than a perfectly delightful night’s sleep being interrupted due to the harsh, bright rays of the first light of morning. It’s one thing to be awoken by a crying baby, a telephone ringing or a bad dream, but to start the day because nature is treading where it’s not welcome can make you feel like you’ve been unfairly cheated out of starting the day as fresh and happy as possible.

One way to ensure that never, ever happens is to get a blackout curtain for your windows. A blackout curtainis what hotels— oftentimes in conjunction with a cornice — to achieve a cave-like effect so that weary travelers often still on programmed to a different time zone can enjoy a peaceful slumber without worrying about any natural or artificial light disturbing them so they can be fresh for business meetings or planned vacation events.

A blackout curtain can also further ensure that other elements of nature, such as the hot, humid air in the summer and the blistery cold frigid air in the winter, will have less of a chance of seeping through. Even if you live in an older house with drafty windows, blackout windows can help improve insulation, thereby lowering heating and cooling bills.

While the savings on energy and A/C bills will pay for the blackout shades over time, what’s saved in peaceful is sleeping is priceless. Blackout shades can improve the state of your wallet, but more important, restore your sanity.

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