Anvar® is what the anabolic steroid oxandrolone is commonly called; it was developed and patented in 1964 with the intention of stimulating the growth of muscle in those who were suffering from involuntary loss of weight which was caused by AIDs and Graves disease. Once it was found to be a success in increasing muscle mass and growth it became a popular steroid for those engaged in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Today, athletes can buy Anvar Ox10, based on the anabolic properties of oxandrolone but without the side effects.

This steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is naturally produced by the male testicles, adrenal glands and prostrate. As it does not convert to DHT when consumed, unlike other steroids, it has a shorter half-life. Most other anabolic steroids do make the conversion into DHT when they are taken, thus increasing the level of the muscle enhancing agent in the body; as oxandrolone is already in the form of DHT it mitigates the need for conversion and as a result it does not cause some of the side effects that are known to be an issue with some steroids, there is no damage to the athletes liver or any unnecessary breast enlargement.

People by Anvar® because it is a steroid which has been approved by the United States FDA, as well as being a known treatment for AIDs and anemia, it has been clinically proven to aid in the re-growth of muscle mass as well as beneficial in the prevention of muscle wasting. It is used extensively on people who have serious surface burns as it aids in the increase of muscle mass. In general, people buy Anvar® because it has been proven that it prevents muscle waste and undesired weight loss.

Although there has been little in the way of clinical studies on how Anvar® works for bodybuilders, early results from clinical trials indicates that it can help maintain the gains in added muscle for a considerable length of time, furthermore in most cases this gain in muscle mass stayed with the athlete after the steroid was no longer used. Anvar® is very much a favorite anabolic steroid by those who lift weights and bodybuilders as there are few side effects.

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