There are many security measures that you can take to ensure that your home is less likely to be targeted for a break-in. The FBI estimates that over 2 million home intrusions occur every year in the United States. Many of these home intrusions are break-ins that occur when no one is at home, but more and more are occurring when someone is home; these instances are considered to be home invasions. Over 8,000 home invasions occur in the U.S. every year, and most include a confrontation between those breaking in and the people who are at home. The safety of your family can be a big concern. Taking some precautions to protect your home and deter criminals can go a long way in protecting your family and your home. Alarm companies in Waukesha, WI may be able to come to your home to provide you with suggestions for creating a safer environment and show you options for home security systems that provide additional security measures and monitoring options for optimum safety and quick emergency response.

Alarm companies in Waukesha, WI may provide a visual inspection of your property to determine where you can increase security. Some advice they might have is to trim trees, bushes, or hedges that provide hiding places or shadows close to the windows and doors of your home. They may also suggest the best places to install motion activated lights that will alert you to movement and act as a deterrence. They can check your door and window locks for effectiveness and security. Alarm companies in Waukesha, WI may also be able to provide you with a comprehensive security alarm system that sounds an alarm if your security measures are compromised and that can send a signal to a security monitoring service to alert authorities that you need help. Security systems can provide alarms in the event of a break-in, but can also include fire alarms and alarms for carbon monoxide or other harmful gas.

Security alarm systems are only effective when you remember to activate them. Getting into good habits of safety can prevent emergencies from happening. Activate your alarm system every time you leave and remember to lock your doors and windows. Approximately 40% of break-ins occur without any forced entry, meaning people are trying doors and windows to see if there’s easy access. Do not leave tools or ladders out on your property, as doing so is an opportunity for them to be used to break in to your home. Make sure your home is well-lit. Good lighting and locked gates can go a long way toward preventing break-ins. Many thefts are crimes of opportunity. Make yourself less of a target by putting away bikes, tools, lawn mowers, and other items and keeping your garage door closed. Being prepared and making safety a priority can provide you with increased security and greater peace of mind.

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