There has been a lot of debate on climate change and the role of humans on the acceleration of the changes. The debate is still continuing. However, legislation in various countries is changing to ensure that the impact of man on the environment is reduced. Legislation in the US regarding air conditioners has also changed to ensure that the effect of these appliances on the ozone layer is reduced. The production of air conditioning systems containing R-22 (HCFC 22) was halted in 2010. The systems are being phased out in an effort to reduce the depletion of the Ozone layer caused by the refrigerant R-22.

If you own an air conditioner with R-22 for a refrigerant, you ought to know that you can still reduce your effects on the ozone layer with the help of a professional air conditioning repair Clovis CA service contractor. You must first ensure that the air conditioning repair technician has received training and certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Only EPA certified technicians are allowed to handle air conditioning systems that contain R-22 refrigerants.

First, do not rush out to replace your system just to switch over from your current refrigerant to another. The phase out period for air conditioners using R-22 is long. You can still use the air conditioners however special precaution must be taken in air conditioning repair and servicing of these units.

You must ensure that your air conditioning system is properly maintained. Organize for regular air conditioning repair Clovis CA maintenance checks. This will ensure that any leakage is spotted early. Major leakages rarely occur if the unit was properly installed and regular maintenance is done. The regular checks will ensure that your unit runs at optimum and reduce the cost of fixing major leakage problems.

It is important to ensure that your technician is EPA certified, as they would know how to handle the refrigerant. In the event of a leak, it is illegal to vent the refrigerant intentionally while doing the repairs. The repair technician should have adequate recovery equipment to prevent the refrigerant from being released into the atmosphere.

If a leak is discovered during regular maintenance, it is important for the technician to repair the leak immediately instead of topping it off. This will ensure that an emission from the system is reduced. It will also ensure that the system runs at optimum. This will reduce the amount of energy the system consumes and in turn reduce your energy bill at the end of the month significantly.

Your air conditioning repair technician will also advise you on the best care for your system as well as alternative refrigerants.

Always use an EPA certified air conditioning repair Clovis CA when performing maintenance and repair work on an air conditioner with R 22 refrigerant. Find out more at!