Africa is the place to be when wanting to see the most beautiful animals in the world in their natural habitat. Driving beside running giraffes, stop and watch a new baby being born, take pictures of the most spectacular views in the wild. Be part of nature with Falls Church VA African Safari Specialist. The guides that will take you on the most memorable trip in your life time are fully aware of every situation that can happen in the wild and know when the situation is too dangerous to be around. Trust your guide and listen to their advice and you will never want to come home.

There are a large amount of different areas you can fly to too experience the best of your trip. The different areas have different challenges such as weather so it is best to plan to go to the right destination to get the most out of your animal adventure. If you want to see a new growth of animals then it is best to go when the weather is cooler and at the start of a rainy season. This is because there will be more food to feed the young and the cooler weather will help the mother. There are some dangers to this as the mothers will protect their babies but your guide is fully aware of this and will only take you to a safe distance. You will be in your element watching the babies grow and play. They can be just as mischievous as our own babies, but there is a certain kind of love we all feel for new beginnings.

When booking your trip be sure to ask your representative where you can see your favourite animals. Falls Church VA African Safari Specialist will be able to inform you the prefect destination for all your needs. When on the safari trip you will have a chance to relax and see different sites, but this is only if the fresh air and excitement hasn’t worn you out. During the afternoon, in between drive which happens twice a day, you will be able to relax. You can choose to go on a mini excursion or canoe on the open water or simply rest by the pool with your favourite drink.

Falls Church VA African Safari Specialist will help you make a list of what items to take on your safari. Of course don’t forget your camera as you will not want to miss any moment. It is important not to go off on your own especially at night as this can lead to some unwanted attention. Your guide will tell you where is safe and where you need someone with you. If you want to go for a swim in the beautiful waters be sure to ask your guide if it is safe because this can be dangerous as hippos and crocodiles like the water and may be hiding underneath. Just stop and think of your environment and everything will be great.

Plan your dream vacation today with McCabe World Travel and have the most amazing memories anyone can ask for. We are African safari specialist, Contact us in Falls Church VA for more information.