Not many people want to sit in jail an await a hearing or trial. However, if you are not able to post bond to get out, then that is exactly where you will be. Many lawyers work with bond companies to get their clients out of jail during this period. A Bail Bondsman in Pueblo may be contacted by you or your attorney if your arraignment hearing results in a request of bond or bail to be released.

When contacting a Bail Bondsman in Pueblo the following information will be required for you to be processed through the bonding company for release:

The original amount of bail

What the charges are against the accused

In which jail is the accused sitting

Full name and birth date of the accused

With this information in hand, the bonding company will decide if collateral is needed to support the bond. Collateral can be a lien on a home or auto of whoever is going to post bond. Bond or bail can also be posted in the form of cash. There are several variables which determine how the bond will be paid.

It is the responsibility of the one posting bond to make sure that the accused shows up for court properly. If he fails to appear, the Bail Bondsman in Pueblo will lose his money and will begin looking for the accused through the use of a skip-tracer, if necessary. The person who offered the collateral can possibly lose the collateral if this happens. That is why it is extremely important for the accused to not miss his day in court.

Some advice that will be offered by the Bail Bondsman in Pueblo to the person that wants to post the bail is whether or not he or she has faith that the accused will show. The bondsman will explain the nature of the consequences if the accused doesn’t show for court. There will also be an explanation of the non-refundable fee that will be charged for posting the bond. After all questions are answered and all information is understood by the one posting the bond through the company, the money is sent to the court and the accused is released.

Bail Bondsman in PuebloThis process moves very quickly if the jail is not very busy. Sometimes, the entire process can be done in a matter of hours. In a busier jail, it could take up to a day or so. For more information visit our website.