Are you thinking of installing an ADT security system at home?

Most people prefer to save money when buying a home security system. Thus, they choose a wired system instead of a comparatively more expensive wireless terminal. Wireless security devices are technologically advanced and offer a higher degree of protection. They are sophisticated devices that secure your home while keeping to the elegant look of your home décor.

Why Opt for Wireless ADT Security?

Although wired ADT security devices are effective in detecting security threats, wireless devices offer the following advantages:

  • A hardwired security system operates on a closed circuit, making it impossible to locate the direction or area where security is violated. A wireless system can immediately provide information of security violation in a specific area.
  • Wired devices require manual testing, while a wireless system automatically scans through the system to check for tampering or low battery every 40 minutes. The system sends notifications automatically to the control panel and also to the monitoring center, if required.
  • Installing a wireless system is simple and does not require drilling holes in the walls. It can be reinstalled very easily in case you change your place of residence.
  • Wireless devices offer higher level of coverage area. Unlike wired systems, they can reach even the hard to reach areas of your home.

ADT Security: Wireless Devices

The wireless ADT system is equipped with state-of -the-art technology that provides powerful features and advanced communication options. Some of the exciting features of the ADT wireless system are:

  • Sends information to fire department, police station or medical emergency service provider at the touch of a single button.
  • Voice response system that provides essential information, such as system status, alarm settings and emergency situation, in simple English.
  • Ability to arm or disarm the security system from your cell phone. This allows you to activate security from your office in case you forgot to do so while leaving the house.
  • It allows two-way voice communication with the central station. So, you can interact with the central station while sending an alarm for a security threat. This also reduces the probability of a fake alarm.
  • An in-built family message center allows you to record voice messages for an emergency. This is particularly important when you are traveling.

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