Are you looking to install a window? Before you can contact a window installation agency, you need to know the different type of windows you can choose from.

Windows come in various shapes and sizes. Each is used for a different purpose. To clear the confusion in your mind, here is a little information on each:

• Awning windows- the main purpose of these is to allow light and breeze in to your home. You will mostly find these in bedrooms, where ventilation is most needed. You do not need to open them all the time. If you would like to leave it half open it will stay that way. If you are looking to give your patio a new look, then these placed in columns look beautiful. They need to be cleaned regularly.

• Casement windows- these open outward to allow light and fresh air to come in. These are apt for kitchens and toilets. They are easy to open and close. However, because these are easy to open and close they are not advisable for childrens’ rooms.

• Picture windows- as the name suggests these windows are good for clear views. These are usually found high up in a room to allow light to enter without any obstructions. But, if your prime concern is ventilation, then these are not meant for you.

• Bay windows- these are big and allow a lot of fresh air and light to enter the room. They are apt for drawing rooms and hall ways. They look stylish too and add beauty to your home.

• Hopper windows- if you are looking for a window for your basement then these are perfect. These open inwards and are very secure. These are perfect for people living in secluded areas. However, if you are living in area with heavy rainfall then these could be a nuisance as it does nothing to stop the water from coming in.

• Double hung windows- these look very stylish and are a favorite with people living in flats. The top can be opened while the bottom can remain closed. These are the perfect very good choice for childrens’ bedrooms.

When you have such a variety to choose from you need to think carefully what suits you best.

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