You may have suffered multiple fractures or a serious spinal injury because of a car accident. You consulted a car accident lawyer to get the compensation that you deserved from the wrongdoer who caused you so much pain. The attorney helped you get the maximum amount of claim settlement possible. This eased your burden, making it possible to pay your medical bills that were mounting up each day. Though you are gradually recovering, the very thought of the accident still horrifies you. So you take extreme care when you cross the road every time it’s raining, as you still dread to imagine a car coming and hitting you!

You might be thinking that the only time you can be hit by a car is when it’s raining. This, however, is not true. There are many other instances when you suffer injuries due to another person’s negligence and have to consult a car accident lawyer to help you get redressal. Here are the examples of some such incidents:

* A major road accident can take place when a driver gets distracted while driving and does not pay proper attention on the road. He may be totally occupied with something else, like talking over the phone, sending text message or even eating! If you happen to be that unlucky person who comes in his way at that moment, you are likely to suffer serious injuries.

* Speeding is another reason for such road mishaps, as the driver often loses control when you come in front of his car all of a sudden. He may not be able to apply the brakes on time, to save you from getting hurt.

* Drunk driving is one of the most common cause of accidents where the driver is under the influence of alcohol and cannot control his automobile properly. If you are injured due the the fault of such a driver, you can always seek legal help.

* Disobeying traffic rules is yet another cause of road mishaps. You may be carefully crossing the street by following the road signals, however, a driver who is in a hurry and does not care to see the traffic lights turn red, may come and hit you. You get injured for no fault of yours and can seek the help of a car accident lawyer who will help you get justice.

* Bad weather conditions reduce visibility for the driver and during such times he needs to be extra careful while driving. A reckless driver not paying heed to the dangerous weather conditions, may drive at a higher speed than the optimal limits and come and hit you. This is another instance when a car accident lawyer can help you.

If you have suffered injuries for any of the reasons mentioned above, which have affected you adversely, then you should opt for the services of a car accident lawyer. Pittsburgh is a good place to find such professionals.

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