There are several cases in your life where you might be in jeopardy from various people. You should contact an order of protection attorney in Suffolk County, NY if you are a Long Island resident who needs assistance with protecting yourself. Your attorney should provide you with the legal protection that may come with getting your case covered so your life can be secure.

What is an Order?

An order of protection refers to the court order that is written for you and is placed against a particular person or group. This is used to protect you from certain acts that that person or group might have imposed on you in the past. Some of the actions that an order of protection can protect you from include common negative actions like: •

Threats from people •

Harassment •

Acts of violence •

Abuse from other people •


Protective Needs

Your order of protection attorney in Suffolk County, NY should assist you with getting the legal protection that you deserve to get. Your goal is to keep yourself protected by making sure you are not going to be subjected to risks involving other people. In fact, an attorney can set up an order to where anyone who violates it could be subjected to substantial penalties.

This should work particularly well if someone has been dangerous to you. It could work particularly for cases where a person like a former spouse or person that you had a relationship with is putting your life in jeopardy. It can also be used to protect you in the event that someone else has harassed or threatened you in any way. Distance Considerations There are a few cases where a person might be extremely dangerous to you. Your attorney can be used to create an appropriate order that limits how close a person can get to you. This is often known in New York as a stay away order. This order of protection should work in cases where a person has violent or sexual intent towards you. This is needed if you are dealing with serious problems involving the case.

Collecting Your Items

An attorney like this may be needed if you have dealt with problems involving someone that you are living with being abusive. You may get an attorney to approve a deal where you and a member of a local police station can go to the area you live in and take your belongings so you can get away from someone who is threatening. The police protection that your attorney can request for your needs is a key to protecting you in the event that the order relates to an abusive relationship.

The services of an order of protection attorney in Suffolk County, NY have to be used if your life is in danger because of someone. You must make sure that you contact someone for help to make sure that you have the legal protection that is needed to keep your case under control. You must be supported if you are suffering from issues involving a person who is verbally or physically abusive or threatening.

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