So you have finally found THE ONE and are planning to tie the knot. Both men and women are searching for the perfect person to say their “I dos” to whom they would love and cherish for a lifetime. Getting married is logical conclusion to a stable and loving relationship that is the foundation of family and conjugal bliss. Marriage is a lifelong dream for most men and women. The wedding ceremony itself is a symbol of your commitment and should be planned with care and consideration. The venue makes a very big impact on any wedding ceremony. Instead of the regular venues at your local church or synagogue, why not plan a dreamy exotic wedding that will give your spouse and you something to remember for the rest of your lives?

Getting married in Anguilla or one of the other islands in the Caribbean can be an exotic proposition that would enchant your partner and wedding guests. Anguilla is a dream destination for getting married. With a rich and varied local culture, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: an exotic locale and culture with the familiarity of being in an English speaking country with world class infrastructure. The tourism sector is already very well developed and you can find a host of fine hotels and top class accommodation for the couple and guests. The food is influenced by multiple cultures. The French and English settlers brought their gastronomy with them that was also infused with native Caribbean and African cuisines providing a unique and delicious local flavor. Seafood is found in abundance with catch of the sea including red snapper, mahi-mahi, grouper, marlin and all types of shellfish like crab, lobster, prawns and shrimp. Conch can also be found on the menu. Most of the beef is imported while local poultry, goat, mutton and pork can be served at the local restaurants and hotels. Some of the tastiest and spiciest delicacies are served at the local beach restaurants, small shacks and bistros.

The islands of the Caribbean have been favored tourist destinations for ages. The lazy languor of siestas on the beach, the relaxing pace of the islanders and abundance of great food, sun and surf are appealing to folks of all ages. Planning a beach wedding or cruise wedding or even getting married on a catamaran, can be an imaginative and exciting experience. With 33 beaches to choose from, getting married in Anguilla can be a dream come true.

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