As a parent, it’s difficult to know what to look for when you start to notice your child may be experiencing a developmental problem. In general, you should always pay attention to how your child plays as well as how they interact with other children. If you notice any of the following signs, your child may need smart pediatric therapy in Goodyear, AZ.

Problems Using Fine Motor Skills
A simple way you can tell if your child isn’t developing their fine motor skills as well as they should is by providing them with arts supplies. In particular, determine if they can use scissors, crayons, and other utensils adequately for their age. If your child seems to be struggling with these skills, they may need occupational therapy to improve them before their difficulties inhibit school performance.

Problems Using Gross Motor Skills
There are also motor skills that affect a child’s balance and coordination. Additionally, gross motor skills affect agility and strength. A child with this type of difficulty will have trouble climbing stairs, jumping, or playing with a ball. Occupational therapy can also help your child develop these skills before the problem becomes serious.

Sensory Processing Issues
Smart pediatric therapy in Goodyear, AZ, can help your child if you notice that they overreact to external stimuli. This involves experiencing difficulties handling tastes, smells, sights, or other sensations to the point at which the child seems overwhelmed by these experiences. Children can also be affected in the opposite way by experiencing difficulty in processing exposure to stimuli. In this situation, the child will try to touch everything in an attempt to experience a sensation. Either condition can be helped through therapy.