The use of cannabis in the treatment of medical conditions has gained public favor, and California voters have taken it a step further which has lead to legislation that makes it legal to grow and use marijuana recreationally. Despite it being legal under state law, many individuals still have fear regarding the purchase and use of marijuana. Here is a quick look at what a person should expect when visiting Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Orange County.

New Client Intake

The first step is building a client profile, which helps the staff member determine the motivator for engaging in marijuana use. During this stage, the staff person will need to see a copy of the person’s identification to verify that they are 21 years of age or older. If a person has a medical recommendation card, this is also useful and helps to verify the person’s identity if there are any concerns about the integrity of the provided ID.

Product Selection

The next step is to determine which method of delivery is desired. Edibles come in a wide array of forms, including gummies and larger cookies and brownies. Another popular option is to ingest the product via a vaporizer, and those who prefer a more traditional delivery method have the option of purchasing marijuana in bud form or pre-ground in hand-rolled joints.

Strain and Strength

Finally, the person should determine what type of symptoms they are looking to treat or the kind of effect they wish to receive from using cannabis. The staff person will discuss the variety of strains available, and some Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Orange County offer hybrid versions that provide an Indica and Sativa blend. No matter what a person is attempting to treat, a reputable dispensary will simplify the process of identifying the best products for each type of ailment.

A dispensary allows anyone over the age of 21 to learn more about utilizing cannabis. The experts at Green Meds Delivery have been serving quality cannabis products for more than ten years. Visit website to learn more or stop by to ask any questions and discover how marijuana has helped thousands of people since its legalization.