If you are not sure just what it is that an SEO agency does, read on! We do quite a lot, but the focus of an SEO agency is to help websites move up in the rankings on search engines. Actually, that is what SEO stands for: search engine optimization. It is all about doing research and getting as many relevant and unique customers to your website by using a combination of metadata and placing keywords strategically throughout your website’s online content.

Let us say that you own a bookstore that specializes in travel books. You want to get as many people to your website as you can to get more of those people to buy your products. However, simply creating a website with your entire inventory will not cut it. You have to have relevant content that is pertinent to people who are interested in travel. An SEO agency could help such a store create a website that not only looks good to customers, but also one that will also make it to the top of search engine results. It is paramount that you get as far up in the rankings as possible so that more people see your site. Because, seriously, how many people are going to find your website if it is buried under pages of results.

Optimizing the Website

Our SEO agency in Denver CO has many ways of optimizing your website. It is a multi-aspect process. We do market research by consulting with you so that we know what your business goals are. We also do keyword research to find out how different keywords preform in search engine results. Some keywords are more competitive than others are. In relation to that, we also offer keyword spying. This will allow us to see which keywords your competitors are using, and how well those keywords are performing.

A Strategic Campaign of SEO Agencies Adds to Success

After the research, we develop astrategic plan of action for a successful SEO campaign that will stand out in search engine results. With the market research analysis, our SEO agency then implements SEO throughout your website. This includes adding Rich Snippets, Web Form Conversion tracking, GEO targeting, and Google Plus among others. We will also, if you do not have one, create a blog. Blogs are great ways to speak directly to your clientele and provide an interactive component to your website. In addition, people are very likely to share and link blogs, allowing you to gain more exposure.

The Truth about SEO Agency and the Services

After all is up and running, we send detailed monthly reports, allowing you to track both our activity and KPI’s of your particular SEO campaign. Even more, we will allow access to our Client Dashboard so that you can track, for example, your Google Analytics. It is all holistically transparent!
We know that we are not the only SEO agency out there, but will we say that we are among the best.