The end of times prophesy of the Bible is a debatable topic. According to many people, the prophesy end of the world in the Bible describes the end times. There are several signs that depict the end of the world. In fact, the earth is taken as a virtual place in disorder. With the kingdom of God, there will be no pain or suffering. However, before the Kingdom is established we will witness a few of the prophecies of the Bible come true.

The popularity of Atheism will likely be the start of the Third World War. Most people want to believe in Doomsday, since the predictions about the death of an Israeli political, and former Prime Minister has come true. Additionally, the Bible also says that the number of earthquakes will increase towards the end of days. This is one of the signs of the end of the world because the number of earthquakes has increased, since the mid-90s. Moreover, the polar shifts also support the prophecies.

The unification of the world and the failure of the Church are signs of the nearing of the Doomsday. Though, the year 2012 is not provided in the Bible, we can relate with the events that are prophesied. You can prepare yourself by living according to the principles of God, and His laws. Most often the claim of the coming of the Kingdom leads us to ask the question, “What is the Kingdom of God?” The definition is not simple, but we can define what a kingdom is. It is a nation that is ruled by a king. However, many confuse this simple definition. They believe that this kingdom is in their heart. Some also believe that a particular organization of the church is the kingdom of God. With the redefinition of the terms, the plan that God has for His people is hidden. Those who preach a wrong Gospel to the people will be punished at His door.

We know that Christ was born to be a king. However, this is not the world that was for God to rule. This is because in John 18:36 Jesus says that if this would be His Kingdom, the people would fight, in order to prevent the event of Him being handed over to the Jews. The end time prophecy is that the Kingdom of God would encompass the whole Earth. If people want to understand about the Kingdom, they can look for a website or request for a free copy of a booklet. Usually, people can download the booklets from the website.

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