You may have heard people talk about security services in South East London and security guards before, but you may be wondering just what a guard of this sort does all day. A security guard is an individual who is hired to protect and watch over people, property or possessions and other such things. Not always, but often the officer wears a uniform that looks similar to a law enforcement officer’s uniform or a police uniform. The security guard is trained to protect property or people or other assets my staying visible and walking the premises where they are to patrol. They want to remain seen by any who would have any idea or plan to harm the property or person in any way. Often, the security guard will deter a crime from happening just by this visible presence. Many with illegal or inappropriate actions are avoided by the security services in South East London officer watching and surveying video surveillance footage and alarm system responses as well.

The security guard is trained to know the signs and warning signals of crime or other harmful actions. They take action immediately and report any incidents to the person or organization that they are working for and police or fire or other emergency institutions when needed.

In times past, a security officer was often called a watchman. This term goes all the way back to the Middle Ages in European countries. The term seemed to follow settlers to North America and also became known as night-watchman in North America. Eventually both the terms watchman and night- watchman were replaced by security guard and other terms of modern age. These security guards are often thought of as private police officers.

With security services in South East London security officers don’t make arrests but they can act as an agent of the law under the direction of a police officer or law enforcement officer of some sort. The basic purpose of the security guard is to prevent and deter crime more than taking care of a criminal when a crime occurs. Company rules are enforced by an officer for security services in South East London and they act to protect people and property. The officer has an obligation and duty to protect the people and property they are hired to protect, sometimes even at the risk of their own lives.

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