Wireless seems to be the way to go these days. Wireless Internet, wireless phones and now wireless home alarms. Innovative technology has led us down the path to find simple solutions to everyday problems. One of these solutions is to help home owners find a home alarm system that doesn’t leave holes in the ceilings and walls of their beautiful homes.

Wireless home alarms are simple to install and less invasive compared to hardwire alarms. Another advantage of wireless home alarms is the ability to hide them from plain view. This is an important feature because intruders cannot easily locate the home alarms in order to shut them off.

Another great feature with wireless home alarms is the easy installation. In some cases a technician will be needed to install the wireless home alarm properly, but in most cases the individual homeowner can do it efficiently enough by themselves.

In the past wireless home alarms were not as efficient as hardwired systems. Not being able to penetrate through obstructions and even some walls, burglars were able to slip by the alarms without anyone knowing. This was one of the major downsides of the wireless home alarms, but today improvements have been made to the point where wireless is as good as hardwire.

There are some additional downsides to wireless. The cost of wireless is much more expensive these days versus hardwire. This is a direct result of the demand of wireless systems. Another downside is that older homes don’t have as many advantages with wireless systems as do newer homes.

Another downside to wireless is that it doesn’t have the wiring to utilize motion detection as efficiently. Instead it does so through infrared motion sensors. When set off the motion sensors use the cellular network to notify police of an alarm being tripped and this isn’t as efficient as the hardwire alarm systems.

The downside to hardwire alarm systems lies specifically with their openness. With newer homes hardwire systems can be built into the home for easy concealment, but with older homes they are much harder to hide.

With hardwire installations making discrete and noninvasive alterations to the home can be quite a job. Creativity and knowhow is needed when installing hardwire systems and this simply cannot be done by the individual homeowner.

However, hardwire systems are more cost effective in comparison to wireless system. Either way you go both wireless alarm systems and hardwire systems can help you with your security needs.

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