If you are thinking of hiring a storage unit, you might have to choose between climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage facilities. Climate controlled storage is ideally meant to maintain temperatures between 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Humidity is maintained at 65%. Before committing to a facility, consider the benefits of climate controlled units:

  • Extremes in temperature and high humidity are the primary cause for goods receiving damage in storage. Warping of goods is a result of extremes in temperatures. Documents, musical instruments, family heirlooms, paintings and other valuables do not store well in poorly ventilated spaces.
  • Climate controlled environments are required to store blueprints, software, microfilm, videotapes, x-rays. Businesses and authorities required in maintaining archives and hard copies of critical files and documents should strongly consider the need for regulated environment. Poor ventilation, humidity and temperature fluctuations can ruin all sorts of critical documentation like sonograms, marriage licenses and other important documents, legal documents, ledgers etc.
  • Climate controlled storage should also provide a dust free and static free environment.
  • Most facilities provide free pest control to ensure insects; borers and termites do not get access to your personal effects.
  • Those facilities that are located in regions prone to hurricanes or flooding, take additional steps to counter any damages to tenants’ belongings. As such keeping your items in professional storage actually protects your possessions from the effects of extreme weather and flooding etc.

In addition to climate control most professional storage facilities offer a range of facilities for all types of storage. Storing your boat or RV is no longer a problem as the larger facilities maintain parking bays or enclosed storage for boats and RVs. While having renovation work done, temporarily renting a storage will offer a cheap way to stock away your office materials, furnishings etc. Units also provide a welcome space to house you household belongings when you are moving out of state, getting married or divorced. Coming in a wide range of sizes, you can rent the unit to suit your needs. The services at modern self storage facilities are much more advanced than those of warehouses. It is estimated that 10% of American households currently rent self storage units, making it a burgeoning business. With high levels of privacy for tenants and optimal services, it makes sense to use climate controlled storage. Eustis, FL based residents can avail of the state of the art facilities available in the area.

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