Did you know God wants you to be happy? Many people do not know this. In fact, when they are unhappy many people will often blame God. Becoming a better person can help you enjoy a better life and also help you see God does love you and want you to be happy. Many people use a Free Prophetic Reading Online as a starting point to help guide them in becoming a better person using God’s love to help them.

Making Things Right

When you take the steps to get closer to God you are letting God know you are ready to accept his love. Do not make the mistake many people make, thinking that God does not love you. Remember God loves you always and all you have to do is truly love him back with all of your heart. God does not make things complicated, but he does ask us to look to him for guidance and understand his way of life is intended to make us happy. Many feel God demands too many sacrifices of them, but God is not looking for sacrifice. Instead God is looking for love and with love comes faith. When you are ready to become a better person you are accepting the fact that none of us are perfect and the better person you become the closer you are to God.

Embracing Hope and Faith

Hope can sustain you and keep you going everyday despite the hurdles life might throw at you. Faith allows you to continue without question and know that God intends only good things for you. When you are able to embrace both hope and faith you are able to believe God wants you to be happy. And to be happy you must be the best possible person you can be using God’s word as guidance. A free prophetic reading online can offer you words of wisdom that will give you the strength to keep hope in your heart and allow faith to be your guiding light. God’s love will be the light that guide’s you and directs you down the path that will help you become a better person step by step and day by day.

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