Plumbing is considered by many people to be one of the simplest features of the home. After all, most of them really don’t understand the details of the water inlet and waste outlet lines in their home. Even fewer of them understand anything about plumbing including what is required to install the various pipes, fittings and fixtures that make up the plumbing in a home. While the underlying principles have remained the same, the art of plumbing has evolved over the decades. For example, many of the materials we use to plumb our homes have changed. At one time lead based pipe was popular because it was an easy product to make and install. Once we realized these types of pipes were hazardous to human health we replaced them with better materials.

Unfortunately, there was never a consensus on which materials that Plumbers Rosemount MN should use and the field separated into two basic categories. Many homes were plumbed with copper based pipes which created a durable delivery system for potable water, but these lines were difficult for the average person to repair. Most manufactured housing such as mobile homes as well as many multiple family dwellings used the more economical PVC based pipes and fittings. These systems used a combination of glue and threaded connectors which made them easy to install and easy to repair.

Interestingly, the majority of outbound plumbing systems such as drain lines and sewer connections converted to PVC based pipes. Perhaps this is because PVC provides a lightweight pipe which is easy to install yet strong enough for the stress and strain of daily usage. Of course, it may also help that PVC pipes are easier for Plumbers in Rosemount MN to make repairs on as well.

Of course, the best benefit of these new materials, for home owner and plumber alike, are the lower cost for installation and repairs. PVC pipe has always been cheaper to produce than the earlier lead based product and while copper pipe is a little more expensive than it’s plastic counterpart, it is much more durable. Plus, many plumbers think that copper pipe is easier to repair once a person has taken the time to learn the technique required for soldering the pipe and fittings together.

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