With annual maintenance and repair your heating service in Manassas will keep operating at peak performance when you need it most. Most people don’t pay much attention to the furnace they have, and you probably bought your house with the furnace pre-installed. Getting a little bit of education about your furnace, and its maintenance and repair can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

​Troubleshoot gas furnaces with Heating Service, Manassas

Heating Service in Manassas can help you with repairs of your gas furnaces. There are a few simple repairs that a homeowner can do themselves, but for anything more advanced professional help is required.

When there is no heat coming from the gas furnace: Check your thermostat first, make sure that it is on ‘heat’. If there is a circuit breaker or fuse that controls the furnace then reset the circuit breaker or replace the blown fuse. Try relighting the pilot light. If none of this works, call your heating service in Manassas.

When the heating is insufficient:  This could be due to a dirty air filter. Wash or replace the air filter and recheck your system. The other possible cause could be dirty gas burners which need to be checked by your heating service contractors.

When the blower fan keeps running: Check your thermostat for the fan setting. If it is on ‘continuous’, change the setting. Check the fan limit control on the furnace, and if needed try resetting or replacing the fan limit control switch.

Troubleshoot boilers with Heating Service, Manassas

When there is no heat from the boiler: The possible causes are lack of power, low water level, or a problem with the thermostat. It could also be an issue with the pilot light or electronic burner. If none of these are the root causes, call your heating service for further investigation.

When the heating is not enough: If you notice a sudden drop in performance the issue could be low water level. Make sure that the water level is adequate and that there is no issue with the valves on the water inlet pipes. If the poor heating performance has developed over time, then it could caused by deposits of the minerals from your water supply. Call your heating service in Manassas to clean the boiler of deposits.

When there is any water around the boiler: This could be due to a fault in your pump, a valve or a leaking pipe. If the root cause is not obvious, it is recommended that you call your heating service technician.

Thermostat repair with Heating Service, Manassas

Thermostats are the drivers of the system. When your heating system is not functioning, thermostats should be checked first. Remove the thermostat cover and clean the components inside with a soft brush. Tighten any loose screws and secure any loose wires. On electronic models, verify that the display is showing the right information and replace the batteries. For annual maintenance it is always best to get a professional heating service in Manassas.

When initial troubleshooting cannot fix your system, call your heating service in Manassas for qualified, professional help. For more information visit website domain.