A security alarm plays an important role in ensuring the safety of your home when you are out, are sleeping or busy. A crucial component of the various home security systems, a security alarm performs the function of making the house owners and their neighbors alert, warning them about a possible burglary or the presence of intruders. Used for several decades now, a security alarm works on the simple principle that a siren is triggered as soon as some unwanted presence is detected or a door or window is opened. With advancements in technology, several types of security systems have been developed for ensuring the safety of a house or office.

Security Alarm: Considerations in Selection

A security alarm needs to be selected carefully, since it is a crucial part of your overall security system. It can be a simple burglar alarm that needs to be attached to the doors and windows of your house. Such an alarm gets activated as soon as somebody opens a door or window or even tries to do so. Some other types of alarms cover the outdoor and porch areas of your house as well.

A security alarm is an essential component of a complex multi layered home security system, comprising of various types of monitors, detectors and intrusion detection devices. A home security system may include several other parts as well, such as:

  1. Glass break sensors
  2. Motion sensors
  3. Fire and smoke alarms
  4. Security rods
  5. CCTVs
  6. Communication systems that are connected to a centralized monitoring room

Security Alarm: Monitored or Unmonitored

A security alarm may be monitored by a security agency on a monthly basis for a pre-specified fee or left unmonitored. In case of unmonitored systems, a siren or flash lights are used to inform the neighbors about a burglary or the presence of an intruder. In such cases, you need to inform the neighbors about the installation of a security alarm.

In the case of monitored security alarms, the security agency holds the responsibility of monitoring the alarms, checking whether it is a genuine or a false alarm, and taking the necessary steps to inform the house owner or the police. Many security service providers offer alarms for free while seeking a long term contract for their monitoring services.

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