The Dallas moving industry has received a lot of complaints in the last few years therefore the government of has introduced new regulations for enhancing the level of consumer protection. Common issues like careless handling of delicate belongings, asking for additional payments and poor quality packaging have troubled the customers every now and then. The clients must hire a trustworthy and reputed mover, after understanding all the terms and conditions in the contract so as to avoid these problems in the future.

Are you nervous about hiring local movers in Dallas? Simply stick to these steps and find the best fly-by-night transportation agency in your neighborhood.


– First of all, you need to determine the type of relocation service that you require. There are different plans available in the market ranging from local transportation to interstate relocation, trucking solution, pack and stack package as well as household shipping.

– Depending upon your requirements, find local, national or international movers. You can ask for referrals from acquaintances and friends, check out online websites or contact BBB (Better Business Bureau) of the state to ask for contact details, past working history, recommendations and warnings.

– Contact at least 3 to 5 local movers in Dallas before making your final selections. Make queries regarding their business strategies, staff experience and number of drivers appointed in their company, licensing, storage space, packaging services as well as type of relocation plans they offer.

– Ask for a fixed price quote. Inform them to include additional costs per mile or over certain weight limit. Also, check whether they provide insured or guaranteed services.

– Verify the information provided by the moving agency. You can confirm these details by referring to the DOT (Department of Transportation) or the PUC (Public Utility Commission). These organizations are state governed and regulate local transportation services.

– If you are planning to relocate to another state or neighboring country, you should inquire about trucking and tracking services so that you can transfer large products in bulk and track your consignment.

– Always discuss the delivery date, packaging type and shipping policies with the agencies because most of the clients complain when they receive products at a later date or receive their glassware in vulnerable plastic containers.

– Choose those local movers in Dallas who are members of AMC (American Movers Conference). This will help you in resolving disputes at later stages.

– Check whether the companies offer senior discounts or auto club membership cards. This will ensure that you receive services at reduced prices.

– If you have unique considerations regarding relocation like large scale transportation of fragile or breakable items, remember to point them out to your providers. Additionally, inform then if your house has steep driveways, bumpy stairs, troublesome corners and small attics so that they are prepared well in advance.

– Read the terms and conditions mentioned in your contract very carefully and make sure that details like pick up or delivery dates, prices, mileage, fueling, shipping policies and insurance guarantee are clearly mentioned in it. Pay half the amount in advance and the rest when goods are safely delivered at your place.

Stick to these point in order to find the best moving companies in Dallas.

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