Air conditioning not only provides efficient and accurate temperature control, it also helps in reducing the humidity of the air in your home or office. Air conditioning helps improve the comfort and ambience of a home or commercial space. Some air conditioning units are now available that go that extra length in providing safe, comfortable environment and temperature control. UV germicidal lamps can be incorporated into the HVAC system to kill off bacteria, molds and other pathogens that can grow on the coil and be circulated along with the air. UV-C lamps are mounted adjacent to the evaporator coil on the downstream of an air conditioning unit. The UV rays are effectively able to destroy algae, bacteria, slime and mold that otherwise would contaminate the air you breathe. Other allergens like pollen, dander, dust and organic material can be successfully filtered out of the air making it more hygienic and healthy to breathe. Installed filters remove airborne dust particles and tiny particles down to .01 microns in size that can stain walls and draperies in your home.

Air conditioners reduce the humidity levels in the circulated air. Moist air and damp damage electronic equipment and semiconductors etc. present in electronic devices and computers. Extremes in temperature and high humidity levels cause the deterioration of electronics and reduce their life span. Very low humidity is also not a pleasant experience. At low humidity levels, skin dries out and creates a general discomfort. In such situations your HVAC contractor can help you install a humidifier that can elevate water vapor levels in the air to enhance comfort levels.

When you install AC units in your home, a major consideration is the sizing of the equipment. HVAC contractors should be called in to make a make a load calculation and help you select the rightly sized equipment. If you insist on buying a unit that is too large for the space not only do you waste energy and money, the room does not dehumidify effectively. A large sized unit will cool down the space very fast, but only successfully remove a part of the humidity leaving the room damp and with a clammy feel to it.

Before installing a new AC unit check the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), a ratio of the cooling output to consumption of electricity over a range in temperatures. The higher the SEER, the cheaper it would be to operate the air conditioning. Los Angeles residents can find qualified contractors to install the correct sized equipment and efficient units in their homes.

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