Losing someone you love is an agonizing ordeal. This pain will only be made worse if you lose someone due to the actions of another person. A wrongful death attorney near Providence, RI, can help make sure that the process of obtaining financial compensation goes as smoothly as possible for you. There are three primary ways that a wrongful death attorney can help you with your compensation case.

Wrongful Death Attorneys Understand the Constraints of the Law

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can be difficult. The state has a very specific statute of limitations on when wrongful death lawsuits can be filed. A claim must be filed within three years of a person’s death. However, there are exceptions to the three-year limitation, and a wrongful death attorney near Providence, RI, may be able to help you determine if your case qualifies.

An Experienced Attorney Understands Claimable Damages

When you claim damages in a wrongful death lawsuit, you may not be aware of everything that qualifies as “damage.” Funerals, medical expenses relating to the injury, lost financial benefits of the deceases and any property damages can all be taken into account. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you list the damages that you are entitled to claim after losing a loved one.

A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Handle Insurance Companies

In many cases, a wrongful death lawsuit will mean that you will be arguing against insurance companies. Insurance companies will have entire teams of lawyers at their disposal. In order to protect your rights and honor the memory of your loved one, you will want to have the help of someone who has previously engaged in lawsuits against insurance companies.