The purchase of used Rolex watches in San Francisco may be the greatest yearning, but it could be one of the harder things to accomplish. Rolex watches are one of the most frequently counterfeited. So the consumer setting out to purchase a Rolex watch will want to have an eye out for a few things. Rolex may be #71 on the list of most valuable brands, but it holds #1 for the most watches produced daily at 2,000.

Official Green Plaque

The official Rolex watch retailer will have in his or her window or in the showcase displaying used Rolex watches in San Francisco the official green plaque. This green plaque is in the retail stores where the genuine Rolex watch is sold. The official green plaque certifies the retailer has the necessary skills and special equipment to guarantee the authenticity of a Rolex watch.


Even though price should not be considered when purchasing such a sophisticated elite timepiece, Rolex watches in San Francisco are one of the most expensive in the class of luxury watches. The men’s two-tone White Diamond is priced at around $3,800, whereas the stainless steel Black Roman creeps on up in price at $7,545. Therefore, when you price a Rolex at $250, counterfeit is the first word that comes to mind. Price may not be tip number one when purchasing a Rolex watch, but at $7,000 and on up the scale to $9,000 and $10,000, price is a factor.

Symbol of Prestige

For over a century, Rolex watches in San Francisco have been the symbol of prestige. A Rolex circling a man’s wrist as he is giving a presentation in the board room of a high rise in New York City is a statement of luxury and prestige. An Omega watch is all about precision and a Rolex reigns over all for prestige and status to impress those you speak to in a board room and with whom you go golfing.

Significant Events

Whether wearing an official Rolex watch when Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh were making a record dive in 1960 is insignificant to the general public, it happened and it was a day in history for Rolex. A Rolex Oyster graced the wrist of one of the members of the Hillary expedition in 1953 at an altitude of over 8,000 feet. These events score that used Rolex watches in San Francisco may be a status symbol, but they also carry a high level of durability.

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