Security services in East London are available for a wide range of services. Some of these include personal security escorts, key holding, and crowd control. For each of these services, security personnel are highly trained in a range of duties including observation, investigation, and response. Through each of these duties, security teams excel by utilizing regular and effective communication.

Modern electronic communications give security details excellent methods of coordinating information and timing responses. One of the most effective devices is the modern cell phone. These have been a breakthrough for security services in East London. Security agents can communicate by voice or text to coordinate activities and synchronize responses. Latest generation smart phones are also cameras, both still shot and video, which can be used to show situations that are breaking out of the norm, or key locales that may be out of the range of security cameras.

As part of a plan for security services in east London, when a single security guard is supplied to a particular venue, then he uses his communication devices to check in with the home office at regular intervals. Security procedures are established so that each guard knows where he should be and when. The home office can take the information and verify that no part of the procedure is being left out. This is a particularly effective work mode when training new security officers. If a security guard posted outside is working with a security coordinator inside, then communications can be used to coordinate information on site. If the inside security operator notices something suspicious on his monitors, then he can direct the outside security guard to investigate. Conversely, the outside security guard can use information from the inside coordinator to get information about areas he is not currently patrolling. In this way, the observations of two security guards operating from very different vantage points can be used effectively to monitor the premises. These procedures are extensible to any number of security guard patrolling the grounds.

If a security breach is initiated, the highly synchronized efforts of the well-coordinated security guards offer the quickest response. If the breach is recognized by an outside security guard, the guard can immediately inform the inner guard who may activate additional security features such as closing and locking protective doors, as well as sound the alarm. With this arrangement, the home office can be notified of a breach within seconds of the detection of the event. They can quickly determine the nature of the breach and initiate the appropriate response.

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