Every home is different and has varying insulation requirements. However, the spray foam insulation works for any Omaha, NE home, be it the newly constructed or the old ones. Though this type of insulation is sprayed for overall effect all across the house, yet specific areas call in for its help. These areas include the basement, the walls and the attics.

Spray foam insulation are generalized in three categories. The first is the retrofit type where it is nothing but insulating and renovating your home. The second is the addition type, the name itself suggests that is an extension to the existing system. The third in the list is the custom kind, for insulating your newly constructed home.

The spray foam insulation in Omaha, NE is a modern day phenomenon. The foam is sprayed on the insulation to fill in the gaps to prevent heat flow and thereby save energy. Reduced energy costs are an advantage. The airtight barrier it forms lets your home stay the way it should- either cooled or heated.

When compared with the fiberglass and cellulose insulation, the spray type insulation has long listed advantages. Fiberglass technology is an old one and with changing times, it is wiser to move over to the spray foam insulation, a tested and trusted technique since last decade or two. The level of difficulty for installation is another area of concern.

While the spray foam is relatively easy to work with and the increased filling up of gaps adds to the advantage. The fiberglass insulation on the other hand poses a lot of difficulty during installation times. Getting targeted by pests, rodents and termites is another problem with the cellulose type. Spray foam insulation for your Omaha, NE home is relatively much safer from such attacks.

The spray foam insulation is further subdivided into two types, the closed and the open cells. The classification is based on the climatic conditions and the different places in home. Either of the two systems has advantage over the other in some aspects.

Sound rejection is better in the open types while the closed cells have low sound rejection ability. Open cells cost moderate as compared to the other type. While the open type cell is more flexible in nature, the closed type is rigid and cannot be moved around if needed. The closed type works best for the flood prone areas as they do not let water in.

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