Most of us don’t like our visits to the dentist, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary and we need to see an emergency dentist. If you take regular care of your teeth, then you won’t need to rush at odd hours of the night to find one. But in case you find yourself suffering from any one of the following problems, you should seek immediate attention.


Some toothaches can be mild. They may not need immediate attention. Sometimes bits of food may get lodged in your teeth. Rinse your mouth and use floss to remove the particle. Sometimes this may cause swelling of the gums. In that case, use a cold compress on your jaw to soothe the ache and lower the swelling. Some people make the mistake of burning their gums by placing aspirin there. Be sure not to repeat it yourself. If the pain is unbearable, see a dentist immediately.

Splintered teeth

In case you have suffered an injury that has caused your tooth to splinter, gather any pieces that you can find. Rinse them and your mouth with warm water. There may be bleeding, in which case stopper the wound with a piece of gauze. Then apply a cold compress on any swelling. This is an emergency situation. Find an emergency dentist.

Dislodged tooth

If you have somehow had your tooth knocked-out or dislodged, you can get it placed back in its socket if you act in a timely manner. Wash the tooth and your mouth. You need to keep the tooth moist so that the nerves don’t dry up. So try and hold it back in your socket. You can also try carrying it in a glass of milk all the way to your dentist. If you take it within an hour, you will be able to reinsert your original tooth back in its place.

Partly-dislodged tooth

If your tooth is partly loose and hanging by a shred of tissue, then you can apply a cold compress for the pain and swelling, take a pain reliever and then head to the dentist.

Lost crown

<p>A crown that is dislodged needs immediate attention. To stop the pain you can dab some clove oil with a Q-tip,. Then place the crown back with toothpaste or dental cement for adhesion to hold it in place while you travel to the dentist’s.

<p>If you don’t know of an emergency dentist, Milmay local directories will be a good place to start looking for one. Apart from your regular dentist, who will not see you in the middle of the night if you have a problem, you should always keep with you the contact details of a 24/7 dentist or clinic where you can get treated for emergency problems.

Emergency Dentist Milmay – Do you need an emergency dentist? Milmay residents will direct you to Milville Family Dental. You can call them at 856-265-0778.