Immigration to the United States is a complex series of forms, steps and requirements. Sometimes, due to misunderstandings and miscommunication, individuals may find that the normal immigration process has stalled or that they are struggling to understand the issues and the process of immigration. Working with a top immigration lawyer in Naples is a very important step in addressing any issues and obtaining the right to live and work within the United States.

There are several different aspects of the immigration and deportation law that can cause problems for those new to the country. Using an immigration lawyer in Naples that is familiar with the requirements of the law, as well as handling cases before judges ruling on immigration and deportation cases, gives you a distinct advantage. Your attorney can advise you on the strengths of your case as well as potential areas of concern and even provide advice on how to address areas of concern prior to your hearing.


One of the least talked about but most important assets of any immigration lawyer in Naples is his or her reputation. Attorneys that handle immigration cases should have a positive reputation in the court system as well as with other attorneys as well as recent immigrants. Now, with social media and review websites, it is easy to find out what other clients are saying about their attorneys.

Understands Your Issues

Not all people immigrating to the United States are alike. Some individuals may just want to come and work for a period of time while others will want to become citizens. Some immigrants will remain as permanent resident aliens while yet others may want assistance in bringing in spouses and children.

A top immigration lawyer in Naples may specialize in one area of immigration or they may be able to provide support for a range of different immigration services. Talk to any attorney you are considering about their experience and understanding of the law and the immigration process as it relates to you.

Ideally a smaller firm that specializes in providing one or more top professional immigration lawyers in Naples is your best option. With a smaller firm you will have more time to actually work with your attorney and you will feel involved and up to date at each point in the immigration process.

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