When you live in a college dorm you are going to experience a living arrangement that you will never encounter anywhere else in your life.

There are two things that make dorm life completely different from apartment life. The first is that everyone else who is living in the dorm with you is going to be approximately the same age as you are. Everywhere else that you’re going to live is going to feature a much broader range of ages.

The other thing that makes living in a dorm completely different from everywhere else you are going to live is that nearly every single student seems to pretty much have an open door policy. Even when you aren’t having a party, at any given time there could be several students in your room. Some are going to be friends of yours, others are going to be friends of your roommates.

While the open door policy that most dorms have is fun and keeps things really interesting, it does make keeping track of your valuables challenging. Most college students are honest, but there are some who wouldn’t think twice about walking off with a twenty that you left on your nightstand or even your laptop computer.

The only real way to make sure that you valuables stay where they belong is by keeping them tucked away inside of safes.

Safes should be something that is on every college freshman’s wish list. Safes are something that the college students really need to have as soon as they move in to their dorm room. The longer they live in the dorm without the benefit of a safe, the greater the odds are that their valuables will be lost forever.

Since college dorm rooms are tiny, choosing a safe can be tricky. The safe is going to have to be large enough that it can hold things like a laptop, money, a camera, and jewelry. The catch is that it also has to be small enough that it isn’t taking up a huge amount of floor space. The best thing to do is find safes that can either fit under a bed, or be used as a nightstand.

If you are college student who is relying on safes to keep your valuables where they belong, you should not let anyone put their things in your safe. This leads to more people having the combination to your safe and keys floating around campus. If someone absolutely must store something in their safe, make it clear that even though their stuff might be in your safe, you are still the only person who is going to open the safe. You are also going to have to be really good about making sure your safe stays locked at all times.

College isn’t nearly as much fun if your stuff is continually being stolen. Wilson Safe provides Dormitory safes that is a great way to protect your stuff from falling into someone else’s hands.