One of the worst places of your body to have problems is your mouth. Diseases in the oral cavity are especially dangerous because they can lead to more serious systemic illness and they can prevent you from being able to chew your food, speak correctly, or maybe even breathe. Because of the seriousness of oral disease, it is extremely important to get any problems taken care of immediately, before they have a chance to progress and get much worse, and therefore more expensive to fix. When these problems become extremely serious you may need to schedule an appointment with a special oral physician that has specialized in oral surgery in Dallas to take care of your problem.

Doctors that perform oral surgery in Dallas are known as oral surgeons. They are specialized dentists that have been to additional schooling to learn how to deal with extreme cases that involve surgically intervening to restore health to the patient.

One of the most common oral surgery in Dallas procedures that an oral surgeon will do is the removal of third molars. Third molars are more commonly known as wisdom teeth and have to be removed due to space issues in a majority of the population. Normal dentists can remove these teeth in some instances, but when the teeth are impacted, meaning that they are erupting into another tooth, they probably need to be taken out by an oral surgeon. This procedure is relatively painless because you will either be put under full sedation or at least locally anesthetized, but you should expect some swelling and pain for a few days after. You may need to eat softer foods for some time after the surgery, as harder foods can cause your stitches to come out or be painful to chew.

Another very common oral surgery in Dallas that is done is a dental implant. Dental implants are a relatively new procedure that aims to restore missing teeth in your mouth. Implants are the method of choice to replace missing teeth because they can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly and respond extremely well to normal forces of mastication that chewing puts on them. Dental implants are a complicated surgery that will require multiple appointments, but will allow you to have full function in your mouth.

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