This is perhaps the only appliance at home, which works twenty four hours on daily basis, but hardly breaks down. A new refrigerator bought from a good company can run for years without any issues. But, when something happens to this machinery due to electricity short fall or any other reason, the repair can be costly. There are many people providing refrigerator repair services in United States including Newnan. The issues vary depending on the size, and model, however, if you make yourself well familiar with it, you can solve the issue at home.

A basic knowledge is necessary in this regard for the readers, like there are two components which are the main parts of refrigerators, including condenser and evaporator, which work through coils. Due to compressor a liquid flows in the coils, whereas this liquid is sent to the evaporator after getting cool in the condenser. Due to coil, the air gets cooled in the evaporator, being located inside the refrigerator. Whereas, the condenser is located outside the unit, and circulation happens with the help of a compressor causing a cooling. So, when a compressor gets defected for any reason the refrigerator stops working.

Most of the systems are free from frost, and they work through a heater which operates automatically by turning on so that the frost gets melted. This process happens at many spots in the refrigerator including very cold areas. When this process is done, the thermostat changes to a cooling cycle, so that the temperature is maintained for freezing. This mechanism does not let the frost stay in the box. Though there are many professionals in Newnan, but if you have basic know how, you can do refrigerator repair as a DIY project.

A compressor works through a motor known as capacitor, which is responsible for the flow of the liquid in the coils. Moreover, a system includes thermostat, heater, switches condenser, and a fan. You can do minor repairs at home but for a complicated issue, you should call an expert. Never forget to unplug the refrigerator before doing any repair, especially check the motor as if there is capacitor, it may have electricity which can harm even in an unplugged condition. This may happen, because capacitors store electricity, so before repairing the capacitor should be discharged otherwise electricity can harm you.

How to discharge a capacitor?

First of all the fridge should be unplugged, and the service panel should be removed to reach to the capacitor, which is mostly located on the upper part of the compressor, or a motor. You can recognize it easily, as it resembles a dry cell battery having large size. A wire unit as 20,000-ohm, 2-watt resistor should be used to discharge the capacitor, and this is easily available at the stores. The capacitor is discharged by fastening the probes from the resistors to the capacitor terminals. If there are three terminals, the capacitor should be discharged by connecting the resistor to center, and one outer terminal and then another outer terminal and center terminal. When it is discharged fully, you can do a refrigerator repair as required. You can also get guidance from some expert living in Newnan.

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