You live in Fort Myers, and overall, life is good. Perhaps you’ve run into some unexpected expenses—higher electric bills. With the rising price of gasoline and groceries, you may want to buy and sell jewelry and gold in Fort Myers, FL. It is one way to raise cash to pay your bills. You have two types of markets for your jewelry and gold. Many jewelry stores in the Fort Myers area specialize in buying jewelry from clients. Other stores, such as pawn shops, will give you a loan on your gold and jewelry with the option of redeeming your property within a certain time frame. Each has its’ merits, so look at the pros and cons before you sell your jewelry and gold.

What to Sell and to Who

Think about your belongings, and how attached you are to them. If you have old, mismatched gold earrings or cufflinks, and care more about getting ready cash, then go to a store that offers cash for jewelry or gold. There are several stores in Fort Myers that promise to pay a good price for your gold and jewelry. Do some Internet research—you can read reviews on websites like, or check the business through the Florida Division of Corporations. Is the statement about ‘family run for 25 years’ supported by the records or not? You could also check them through the Better Business Bureau. You can trust a business if the BBB gives them an ‘A” rating. They’d be a good place to do buy and sell jewelry and gold in Fort Myers, FL.

Other Options

If you do not want to part with your jewelry and gold, but have to get some ready cash, you should find a pawn shop engaged in the business to buy and sell jewelry and gold in Fort Myers, FL. You may have lost a filling, and been told you need to get a root canal and a crown. The dental plan makes you pay out before reimbursing you. So, find a reputable pawn shop that deals in gold and jewelry. It gives you more flexibility—pawn shops give the customer a cash loan in exchange for their property and the chance to reclaim it.

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