If you are looking to purchase an adjustable bed for health or comfort reasons, you will want to make sure you do a good amount of research on the model that is best for you, what features you are looking for and what price range you want to stay in.

The first thing you will want to do is see if your existing mattress is one you want to replace or if it is compatible with any adjustable beds. If not, you want to start looking at a new mattress. Make sure the mattress you purchase is not only compatible with the adjustable bed but also one you really like because the adjustable bed will not be as effective if you ended up with a mattress you don’t like. The adjustable bed itself needs to be carefully selected as well. As far as features go, do research on the health issues you are looking for relief from. If you are particularly tall or short, choose a bed that can accommodate your size difference. Adjustable bed prices can vary greatly from brand to brand and retailer to retailer because of features like massage or remote settings, the level of warranty offered or the brand name. Do research on how other customers felt about their purchase and if the relief you are looking for is something that has been found for other patients.

One of the great things about adjustable beds people don’t often realize is they should blend seamlessly with your existing décor. Adjustable beds come in all the standard sizes, from twin to Cal king so you can keep the stylish look of your décor, while you enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed. The adjustable beds are often about 1 inch shorter than the standard mattress measurements to ensure it is a seamless fit into the existing décor. They also come with either a DC or an AC motor. The DC motors are typically quieter, but the AC motors have more lifting ability.

You will want to read through the different manufacturer’s warranties as well. It is important to have a good warranty to cover the bed in the event that a part fails. If the motor fails, it is the most important part to have a warranty on as it is expensive to repair or replace. Make sure the warranty is clear on what is and what is not covered, for how long and under what circumstances.

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