Cars usually collide with other cars but not all the time, what happens when you are out for a walk, totally unprotected, and you are hit by a car? If you are injured you have rights; rights that you can employ to ensure that you get proper compensation for your injuries and other losses, what you can expect in compensation has a lot to do with the way you answer the following questions that your car accident attorney in West Palm Beach will pose.

The party at fault:

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle the assumption is made that it was the driver who was at fault. This is true most, but not all of the time. Drivers are expected to give way to pedestrians at crosswalks that are marked as such; they also must obey the speed limit and obey all traffic signals. The law is very clear if the accident was the result of the driver violating one of these basic rules but some cases can be more complicated.


If you are injured in a car-pedestrian accident and the driver has been found to be at fault or bears the greatest majority of the blame then it is possible to engage a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach and pursue a claim with the driver’s insurance company. A claim for compensation from the insurance company, called a third party claim, is the first step tin recovering any costs that you incurred as a result of the incident; things like medical bills, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering.

Was it hit and run?

A driver who hits a pedestrian has a legal obligation to stop at the scene and provide the injured person all his or her relevant details including contact information and insurance details. With this information you and your attorney can proceed with an injury claim as discussed.

If the driver did not stop this may be a problem and narrow your options considerably. The first thing of course is to report the accident to the police, if there were any witnesses to the accident attempt to get their details and a statement. All you can do is give the witness statements to the police and hope they find the driver; in the meantime you will be responsible for any costs for medical treatment.

If the driver is found this is the time to discuss all your options with a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach, this is especially true if you suffered serious injuries.

If you were the victim in a car accident, whether you were a pedestrian or the other driver you have the right to claim compensation and to do this you should hire a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach. You are invited to contact Business Name