In most cases, the estate of a deceased who was not able to make a proper will and estate planning becomes a cause of conflict among the family. Many litigation cases have arisen due to the lack of protection provided by estate plans on who has the rights over the inheritance. Not only is an estate plan important in death but during emergency cases when you become physically disabled or incapacitated to decide over your properties. It gives you the peace of mind that everything is in order and your loved are well taken care of in the event that you depart from this world. Not only do you need to have everything clear including provisions for your hospitalization and health care through proper Estate Planning in Venice FL but it will prevent challenges to the estate.

You need to ask yourself several questions whether you need Estate Planning in Venice FL in preparation for the future.

  1. What if the bereaved spouse suddenly remarries to another individual who has children? How do you properly protect the inheritance of your children in order that your spouse’s step children will not gain claim over the property?
  2. How can you protect the children during their minor age when they still lack the financial experience to handle a big inheritance? They might struggle with their decisions having no previous experience in running the estate? You can actually leave an inheritance in trust to assure that the children will gain a good education and can live well through their inheritance.
  3. Do you want to leave an estate to your child that will be lost during a divorce proceeding? A properly planned estate will not leave any loopholes that will result in litigation. Trusts can be modest protections against the avarice of another individual.
  4. Do you want to minimize estate taxes, capital gains and income taxes? A well crafted Estate Plan in Venice FL will make sure that your estate will pass to your intended beneficiaries without the lengthy and costly procedure of probate.
  5. Do you want your estate to be preserved well even after your death? Proper estate planning can protect the estate from depletion and your heirs will be prevented from making unwise decisions especially if they happen to be irresponsible in handling big amounts of money.

Along with the planning of the estate, your lawyers can provide assistance on matters of probate, administration of trusts, powers of attorney, preparation of wills, gifts to charity and all other legal matters that need to be planned well to prevent any challenges. Your lawyer will draft everything according to law and the assets will be distributed according to your wishes. With a solid estate plan you continue to have control over all the assets while you are still alive. You can fund the trust account and distribute other assets according to your pleasure. Your lawyer can coordinate your long term investment plans with your current investment needs through a coordinated financial plan for asset preservation.

You can handle a complete review of your financial assets and properties and allow your lawyer to draft estate planning Venice FL to protect your heirs. For more information, visit