It’s every homeowner’s nightmare to see water dripping from their ceiling. After they’ve made sure that there isn’t an overflowing tub or broken pipes, they can assume they’ve got a leaky roof. Depending upon the damage they will either have to repair or replace their roof. A Roofing Tacoma contractor can perform an inspection and tell the homeowner the best plan of action. He will examine all of the shingles to make sure that they are securely in place. They he will turn his attention to the flashing and gutter system. In the worse case scenario he will tell the homeowner that it’s necessary to install a new roof.

When the contractor gives the homeowner the bad news that he needs a new roof, he will also give them a detailed estimate that includes a list of the work and what it will cost. The type of roofing material that the homeowner chooses will also determine the cost. Shingles, tiles and shakes are the most common materials and they all come in many different colors. It can be very difficult for a homeowner to imagine how a roof will look based on a small sample. The contractor might know a nearby home that’s using the same material. He can also show the homeowner photographs.

The homeowners may decide that they want to have one or two additional estimates, before they agree to a final work plan. They have to make sure that each contractor includes all of the tasks. If one of the estimates is much lower, they should determine that the contractor included stripping off the old roof and and cleaning up the debris after they are done. Some contractors want to appear much more reasonably priced and they only include the cost of actually installing the roof.

The contractor should be licensed in the state and carry the proper insurance polices. That includes both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. If a Roofing Tacoma contractor is injured while installing a roof without the proper insurance, the homeowner’s insurance policy may be required to pay for his medical bills and lost wages.

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