With more consumers moving into new homes recently in New York, many new home owners might wonder when the right time to get air duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY and the surrounding cities. In regards to air duct cleaning, the best asset you can have is knowledge about how air ducts work, and certain times of the year when you might want to have them serviced for proper ventilation and healthy air-flow.

According to the EPA, it is recommended to only have your air ducts cleaned as-needed. They also recommend that if you use fuel-burning furnaces, stoves or fireplaces, they should be visually inspected prior to the heating season which they will be used most. The reason for this is to protect you against possible carbon monoxide poisoning. There is also research which suggests that maintaining clean cooling coil and heat exchangers will produce better and more efficient cooling and heating systems.

Here are a few helpful tips as to know when you might need air duct cleaning in Chappaqua and surrounding cities in New York.

The first concern that many people have about air duct cleaning is thinking about people who live in the household who suffer from allegories, COPD or other breathing-related medical issues. If this is the case, then it is suggested that you inspect your air ducts for large deposits of mold or dust which can be harmful for people who suffer with breathing conditions.

There are two periods during the year that routine inspections should occur – late fall and early spring. The reason for this is when your heating and air conditioning system is in full effect, built-up deposits like dust and mold will be spread over your house much easier. This is why, prior to using your heater and air conditioning for winter and summer, you should have your air ducts inspected and cleaned.

Another suggestion is if members of your family are experiencing unexplained illness or symptoms of illnesses which you think might be related to your home. You might want to have your air ducts cleaned if this is the case as dirty air flow in your home might be a root cause of this unexplained sickness. As always, if medical concerns elevate, it is always recommended that you consult your family doctor and ask them about whether dirty air ducts could be causing this illness.

Some other times you should have your air ducts cleaned include:

  • If there is significant mold building up on the inside of your sheet metal ducts.
  • If there is mold building up on other areas of your heating and air conditioning system.
  • If there is dust built-up on your vents
  • If there are noticeable vermin such as mice and rat droppings noticeable around the vents
  • If you are in a construction zone and there are long periods of dirt and dust circulating near your home.

These are just a few times when you should consider having air duct cleaning performed in Chappaqua.

Having your house provide you with clean, filtered and healthy air can only come if you have air duct cleaning Chappaqua NY done by a professional and reliable company. The team at Website Domain has been providing air duct cleaning in Chappaqua for years and will take care of your needs quickly.