If you have a little girl, chances are she will be excited at the thought of a strawberry shortcake party. Girls love color and fancy little things so the pink designs and the utter sweetness that surrounds this theme will be the ultimate party idea for your daughter or niece. However, having a party is not simply about cake and decorations. You have to take a moment and appreciate the people that have accepted you party invitation and have taken the time to come and celebrate with you. Here is where party favorscome into play.

When it comes to a strawberry shortcake party, you do not have to break the bank when picking out the party favors. There are a lot of ideas that you could explore with this theme that will be special while still being cost effective. One of the things that you could get would be a favor box that already comes pre-packed with goodies. These goodies tend to incorporate things that will excite most little girls such as a heart necklace, plastic rings, stick on earrings, a pink bucket and even some glitter stickers that they could decorate their school binders with.

If you do not want to get a lot of party favors for the guests, you could decide to stick to the characters of strawberry shortcake. The main character, Raspberry Tart, is a popular favorite with little girls as she oozes innocence and fun. You could pair this up with her companion, Custard the cat. These toys can be given to the girls that have attended the party with a box of strawberries to boot just to keep within the theme.

When it comes to decorations for a strawberry shortcake party, you are spoilt for choice. Since the theme will be pink, you do not have to wrack your brain on what would be suitable and what will not. You could get strawberry balloons and have them secured at different places of the party venue. Pink streamers could also be put up and you could also integrate pink and silver glitter into the decorations. Just ensure that you are thinking of fun when you are decorating the place.

So what should you daughter or niece wear for her strawberry shortcake part/ if she likes to play pretend as a princess, you could get her a princess costume that she could wear throughout the day. Pull all the stops when it comes to making her look like Princess Raspberry by getting her a tiara and even a wand that she could carry around. If your child is more of a tomboy, not to worry. She could dress up in jeans paired up with a colorful t shirt that will still stay within the theme. For added measure, you could also have her hair done up in curls just as Raspberry Tart’s hair is!

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