Your water heater is an essential part of your home. Without it, you cannot have access to hot water. While most water heaters last anywhere between 10-12 years, there are some factors that may alter how long your water heater lasts. If you are looking for water heater repair in Dallas, chances are you are in the market for a new water heater, or a specialist who can repair your water heater. There are several steps you can take to maintain your water heater after getting yours replaced or fixed. This article lists some of the steps you can take to keep your water heater running efficiently.

Sometimes it may feel as though your water isn’t heating up as much or as quickly as it once was. This could mean there is a problem with the thermostat. It could also mean that your water heater is turned down low. Sometimes you can fix this problem by turning the thermostat up so your water heats up faster. When you choose to do this, make sure you never put it above 120 degrees. This will keep you from being burned. If your water heater does have a problem with the thermostat, you should contact water heater repair in Dallas.

It is important to store your water heater in an area where it isn’t crowded to avoid fires and other safety hazards. Most water heater safety manuals suggest keeping at least two feet of open space around your water heater. Keeping the space open around the tank will make your water heater less of a risk.

Once a year you should flush the tank to help remove any kind of debris that may have gathered at the bottom. This can be done by hooking up a hose to the draining valve and running the water until it is clear. Not only does this reduce the risks of fires and other hazards, but it can also help your water heater run quietly.

In a lot of water heaters there is an anode rod which should be checked every three to five years. This requires you to unscrew the screw holding the rod into place to examine the steel wire at the core of the rod. If six inches or more of this wire is exposed, you will want to replace the rod. This repair costs approximately $20.

Once a year it is important to check the temperature-pressure valve to ensure that your water heater is running efficiently. Quickly release the relief valve two or three times, and then watch for any small leaks. If there are leaks you will want to find water heater repair in Dallas.

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