Creditor harassment Richmond happens when creditors harass those who owe them money. Owing money to someone is bad enough. Having difficulties in paying a creditor makes it worse. The most common harassment cases deal with physical threats, verbal abuse and calling debtors in very odd hours asking for the money. Most people are usually afraid to contact the creditor when they are unable to pay their debts. On the contrary, it is mandatory that you speak with the lender and ask him to write you a verification letter that outlines all the debts that you owe him. Creditors are known to increase the debt that someone owes if and when the payments are delayed. The debtor can question the debt and file a dispute in court.

The law does not permit anyone to face creditor harassment Richmond regardless of the debt that is owed. This is because the law protects your rights as a citizen in order to prevent such unlawful harassment. An Act that supports fair debt collection practices guides all creditors on the best ways to collect their debts without violating the rights of debtors. It is always important to know your rights as a consumer so that you are able to defend yourself using these rights. Once you have faced creditor harassment, the law allows you to take legal action and sue for damages. This action is bound to stop the creditor from harassing you any further. Firstly, the debtor files a complaint against the creditor or the debt collection agency. When this happens, the creditor is obligated to go to court and face these charges. Here are other effective ways that you can resort to when dealing with creditor harassment:

  • File for bankruptcy: People file for bankruptcy when they face creditor harassment and are unable to pay their debts. The most common cases include inability to finish mortgage payments or submit a certain monthly payment to clear a loan or a credit card. Creditors usually take action against their debtors in form of suits, notices or sending auctioneers and other collection agencies to repossess any valuable items that a debtor has to clear his debt. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, the creditor will not be allowed to contact the debtor directly or take any action that forces the debtor to clear his debt.
  • Hiring a lawyer: When you face creditor harassment, your mind and emotions are usually affected because of the constant reminder of the debt. If you are under a lot of emotional strain, the best thing that you can do is hire a lawyer. Once this happens, the lawyer qualifies to handle your debt matters and help you settle the debt through power of attorney. This makes it illegal for the creditor to contact you or harass you.

Creditor Harassment is against the law. When this happens, you have an opportunity to seek help and stop this from happening to you or anyone you know. Visit for more information.