When you have been involved in an accident, apart from taking care of your own body, you need to get an estimate on your auto body repair as soon as possible. Since Collision Repair Lawrence KS estimates can vary widely it is best to get at least three or four different quotes so that you know a little bit about the differences in the estimates. Depending on the location of the garage and the types of parts that are used, the prices can fluctuate.

For starters, like any business, a collision repair shop has overhead to pay for in their location. It may be a lot easier to pick a shop that is next to your home but that may come with a price. If you live in a populated commercial area where the rents are expensive, consider that your quote will include this higher rate as well. If you can take your vehicle to a shop that may be a little rural and lack convenience location wise, then you will not have to pay for those overhead charges.

Next, if you take your vehicle to comparable stores location wise, but your estimates are still vitally different, ask the repair shop to explain what types of parts they are using. Some insurance companies will only insure parts that are from the manufacturer. There are many generic parts that can be used in any model or make car and they can save a bundle on the overall costs to fix a vehicle. Make sure you ask about what types of parts the garage will use so you can compare estimates accurately.

Lastly, after receiving your estimates from authorized Collision Repair Lawrence KS garages, ask what type of warranty of the service they provide. Since the insurance company is not there with you when you pick up the car, they expect you to be happy with the job. If the work starts to unravel soon after you pick up the vehicle, you may have to file another claim to get your insurance company involved. If the garage in which you had fix the car has a warranty on the labor and the parts, you may be protected.

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