Although the rate of property crimes went down by about 1.6% in 2008, as compared to 2007 (according to the FBI), as many as 2.2 million burglaries have, nevertheless, taken place in 2008. This is definitely an alarming number. Our safety is at stake. We need to exercise great care in ensuring a safe and secure living environment. This is where the hi-tech home security systems are making our lives much simpler. These are highly innovative devices, which ensure peace of mind and safe living.

Gone are the days when relying on a security guard was enough to ensure your safety. We are now looking at devices which help us confront burglaries and unfortunate accidents such as fires etc, with increased precision. Before an alarm system, however, you need to understand how the mechanism works. Once you understand the functions, choosing the right system for fulfilling your specific requirements will become much easier.

Home Security Systems: Mechanisms

There are various components of a home security system. These include:

  • The Alarm: At the outset, the company will install a home security alarm at your residence, either for free or for a negligible cost. The alarm will be programmed by a technician, representing the service provider.
  • The Security System: A home security system will also be installed, along with the alarm, and this will have to be programmed with the help of your technician. This will also ensure that the alarm and the security system are in sync.

This completes the front end installation process of a home security system. Now, when there is a breach of security, the security system will sense it and the alarm will be set off. The alarm notifies the monitoring company of the breach. In most systems, the number of the monitoring company is dialed automatically from your landline phone, when the alarm rings. In more advanced systems, the number can be dialed from a cellular network as well. As soon as the monitoring system receives the alarm, it informs the registered owner of the alarm system or anyone from the list of contacts or delegates obtained at the time of installing the equipment.

Once you know how the system works, you will be able to scrutinize each component and the related functions for ensuring a better purchase.

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