Even before you moved into your new home, civil engineers had been at work to make sure that the neighborhood was a safe place to live in. Working together with architects, planning residential areas is one of the things that they do. They planned your neighborhood, built the parks your children play in, and the school building your children spend their days in. They have lent their expertise to many aspects of your life.

Where you live

Water is life, and civil engineers are responsible for designing and maintaining the water supply system of your city or town. They design, lay out and maintain your streets and sidewalks. Waste from your sewers are carried into drains and to a sewage treatment plant. They make sure that your streets are well-lit at night so that you can travel safely. They lay out your public parks and the paths along which your kids ride their bicycle.

How clean your air and water is

Civil engineers are constantly looking for techniques to clean the pollution that enters into your air and water. They treat the water that you drink to clean any possible chances of disease and to give it a clean flavor. They also work to apply scientific methods to processes that release air pollutants, to give you clean air.

How you travel

Civil engineers have designed and laid out your city’s transport system. Moving large groups of people within a crowded city can be a difficult task. The system has to be highly efficient and expandable when required. They also build and maintain your airports, your railways systems and ports apart from your streets, canals and highways.

How safe you are from earthquakes and hurricanes

They study how structures react to shaking during natural disasters during earthquakes and hurricanes. Then they design and build structures that can survive such physical hazard. Experts are able to predict how structures will react to such exposures as well.

How safe and plentiful a future your children will have

They also work to develop ways to recycle the earth’s dwindling resources, such as water and fuel, to ensure that there is enough left for the future generations. They look look for ways to treat wastewater so that it can be reused to reduce the burden on depleting groundwater stores.

These are only some of the ways in which the lives of you and your family are made safer and healthier by civil engineers. Austin has its share of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are constantly striving to make the world safer and a better place to live in now and in the future.

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