Turquoise waters, mountains, golden sands and tall waves make Haena an ideal vacation destination for tourists from across the globe. Haena vacation rentals provide a number of services, from accommodation and travel to entertainment. The most highlighting part of these rentals is that these are the best alternative to any hotel accommodation with world class facilities. Haena vacation rentals provide accommodation that is the most economical. It is the best possible way to spend your vacations without worrying about the rush and time constraint. Just imagine yourself fishing, boating, watching the sunrise from your porch and moving freely in the spacious rental property. Think of it as your own home, with the comforting ambience and essential appliances to make your holidays more memorable. So, before you make any hotel reservation for your next trip, think again.

Why Should I Choose Haena Vacation Rentals?

Haena is a small land division on the northwest side of the island of Kauai. This place is breathtakingly beautiful with a charming essence of its deep rooted culture. Haena vacation rentals provide you with a wide spectrum of selected properties, strategically located near the most attractive tourist sites. You can find a property near the Waikanaloa Wet Cave, Maniniholo Dry Cave, Ke’e Beach or Haena Beach Park to make the most of your stay at Haena. You can choose from different types of accommodations, from condos and cottages to villas, depending on your requirements and budget. You’ll enjoy your stay with the local people, enjoying the delicious cuisines, and exploring their incredible culture.

The foremost advantage of Haena vacation rentals is that a large group of people can stay at one place. You get more space, with separated rooms and dining and living area, thus enjoying much more privacy than at a hotel.

All the options have the best of facilities, with individual swimming pool, jet baths, and all the relevant modern appliances, such as cable TV with video VCD and DVD facilities, which enable you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

The cost of Haena vacation rentals is much lower than any hotel offering similar facilities. These accommodations also provide you with a kitchen to prepare meals. You are not compelled to eat every meal at a restaurant, and ending up paying huge bills and taxes. Moreover, you do not need to incur any service tax and would not have to spend money on unnecessary tips.

Moreover, you can also enjoy car rental services at a very low rate and discover the beauty of Haena while driving on your own. You can also get tour guides to explore the island and have a never-before experience.

Kauai Holiday Resorts has an extensive listing of Haena vacation rentals by owner and property management companies.