Driving under the influence of any toxic substance can be hazardous not just to the driver but to innocent pedestrians and other drivers who are on the road. Many people have been robbed of the opportunity to live life to the fullest because of a careless and drunk driver. Children have been made orphans and healthy people have become victims of paralysis. DUI has disastrous consequences and thus the law comes in to protect people from these misfortunes through discouraging drunk driving.

People seek the services of a DUI attorney Cleveland when they have already been arrested for DUI or when they are seeking justice for a friend, family or community member who was a victim of drunk driving.

A DUI attorney Cleveland can be classified in two categories:

1. A prosecuting attorney. This attorney represents the community or the government against an accused DUI suspect. He or she has the responsibility of providing evidence that is concrete against the defendant in order to ensure that the best sentence has been given. The Government hires a DUI prosecutor as a way of becoming accountable to its citizens in such crimes. The plaintiff can also be a citizen who approaches a reputable firm to represent him in a suit. Most attorneys always seek for the denial or approval of bail based on the evidence that was collected at the crime scene and the seriousness of the case. An effective DUI attorney Cleveland is not one who just wins his cases but also one who ensures that justice is reached.

2. The defense attorney. Commonly referred to as an advocates for a defendant, his or her main goal and responsibility is to convince the judge and the court that the client is innocent of the DUI crime brought before the court. A good defense DUI attorney Cleveland attorney is also able to advise his client truthfully regarding the situation before them. Their main task is to explain to the person they are representing of their rights especially during after an arrest. This is a crucial step because in DUI cases, the prosecutor relies heavily on the evidence from the tests his client was subjected to during the arrest. It is very important that these tests are carried out in a legal and professional manner and also with the right equipment because any mishap might lead to an acquittal and dismissal of the case even if in reality, the accused person committed the crime. When all evidence points to the accused, the defense attorney’s task is to attempt to ensure that the client gets the minimum or reasonable penalty.

A DUI case is usually a very emotional case especially where there are deaths involved and therefore a good attorney ensures that they are dedicated and committed to the entire process of having the best strategy that is in the best interest of their client.

The most important process in a DUI case is being represented and defended in a courtroom by not only a credible attorney, but also an efficient one. For more information on a DUI attorney Cleveland, visit our website.