Aerial work platforms have completely replaced the need for scaffolding on the job. The scissor lift is among the easiest platforms to work with. They are perfect for lifting heavy loads, including workers, to heights of up to 40 feet. Relying on a rental is a great way to save money, but how do you know which scissor lift rental is the right piece of equipment for the job?

It’s All About The Specs

If you have any experience renting or purchasing construction equipment, then you know it usually boils down to which machine has the right specs. Scissor lift specs aren’t much different than specs for other aerial lifts. You need to consider the size of the work platform, the weight capacity, and the working height. It is ideal if these specs exceed what you need to get the job done.

Where Is It Used?

There will be some slight differences between a lift designed for indoor use and one designed for outdoor use. For example, indoor lifts are powered by electricity rather than gasoline or diesel. An outdoor model will usually have rugged tires designed for tough terrains. Before choosing scissor lift rental, you need to know if it’s designed to work in the environment where you need it. Otherwise, you may damage the equipment and find yourself liable.

Ask For Help

You can always ask the staff for scissor lift rental service if they would be willing to offer any advice. Most rental agencies are more than willing to help you make an informed decision. Visit the website for more information.