When you are in the market for truck cranes suppliers in Fresno CA, you want to buy from the retailer with a reputation for service and top-quality cranes. From smaller to large-scale truck cranes, go where the selection of high-performance cranes is most available.

Truck-mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes have two parts — the transporting truck and the boom. Basic features of the truck-mounted crane include:

  • Can travel on the highway
  • Used mainly for loading and moving supplies and equipment on a job site

Truck-mounted cranes use counterweights and a beam extending out from the crane, called an outrigger, adds stability.

Other Products Available

There is a large selection of products other than cranes that include

  • Alternative fuel systems
  • Flatbeds and platform bodies
  • Dump bodies
  • Camera systems
  • Liftgates
  • Refuse equipment
  • Used equipment

There are a large selection of truck body and equipment brands available. Also, this supplier is a certified distributor of liftgates from manufacturers such as:

  • Anthony
  • Tommy Gate
  • Maxon

Products are supplied to government fleets and to the private sector.

Used Equipment

From factory take-off of truck beds to different sized utility beds, used equipment is available including:

  • Flat beds
  • Liftgates
  • Fifth wheels
  • Cold saws
  • Utility bed enclosures
  • And more

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